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Let us help you restore your memories.  We are experts in restoring antique gas pumps of all kinds.  These restorations are perfect for showrooms, offices, and even for home decor!  Have something that's not gas pump related?  No problem, please e-mail us and tell us what you have.  We will be happy to give you a quote.
This is a working pump we restored for a customer who uses it on their dock to fuel their personal watercraft.
Fully functional Tokheim 300 restored for a customer in upstate New York.
Southwest Gulf T pump.  The pump was restored for decoration only.  The face does light up and the computer resets and starts when you lift the nozzle and turn the handle on.
These can be restored for decoration or for functional use.  The remanufacture of this Tokheim model is very reasonably priced.
This beautiful Sinclair Bennett restoration was done for decoration.  The globe and face light up and there is shelving inside the cabinet.
Although it was in terrible shape when our customer brought it in to us, our team of restoration experts got busy and created an amazing restoration!

Before and after of a Coke brand Ice Chest

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